Monday, June 27, 2011

About Us

We, as citizens, are concerned with damage being done to Families in the Family Court Room of Judge Brian C. Dempster. We have taken it upon ourselves to investigate claims against Family Court Judge Brian C. Dempster and the professionals under his direction for several reasons.

1) We have a Christian obligation to take on Corruption.

2) We believe that tax payers are the boss and as such we have an obligation to investigate wrong doings of our elected officials.

3) We believe that many of our elected officials that would normally investigate Judge Dempster are being stopped by attorneys and the Bar Association.

4) We must protect our children from further damage by Judge Dempster.

5) We believe that Judge Dempster lied during his campaign to get elected.

6) We believe that Judge Dempster has failed to respect and protect the Constitutionally protected rights of all the people appearing before him.

7) We believe that he has intentionally "stacked the deck" against people that are disabled and/or too poor to afford an attorney.

8) We believe that Judge Dempster has condoned and rewarded both Criminal and Immoral activities when making decisions about child support, alimony, and child custody.

9)We believe that he has been abusive with his power and has allowed other professionals under his direction to abusive with their power.
10) Judge Dempster has failed to read case files before hearings placing those appearing before him at a disadvantage.

A Citizens Investigation Group has now been formed and is currently and very actively seeking information of cases that have appeared in front of Judge Brian C. Dempster for review.

If you or a loved one have appeared before Judge Brian C. Dempster and you feel that something went wrong. Please contact us at Make sure to include a brief description about what happened in your case, your name, contact information, and the best time to reach you.

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